I believe the world would be a better place if humans were more connected. Not digitally, but actually, humanly connected; and it so happens that dancing does just that : it connects people. Being it with one self when dancing solo, with one other person when dancing in a couple, or as a group dancing in a circle, chain or other form. I particularly enjoy dances that allow a person to immerse in a group, almost forgetting their selves, like many traditional breton dances, as well as dances with a very high degree of individual expression, like blues and other couple dances.

I started dancing in Brittany, when I discovered traditional breton dances, and went back there every summer to dance. A few years later I discovered balfolk in Switzerland, and started dancing weekly, and attending dance workshop. Shortly thereafter I started teaching, first breton dances, then most common balfolk dances. More recently I stumbled upon swing and blues dancing, and decided to commit full-time to dancing.

“Samuel’s best characteristic as a teacher is that he is so incredibly respectful of his students: respectful of their skill levels, their boundaries, their wishes and their limitation. Taking classes with him, I have always felt that I was provided with a safe and supporting space to experiment and grow as a dancer.” – Lucille, Fribourg

I’m also a massage therapist. Visit my massage website.